Gabe  Torres
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Cast &
Portraits of 
Young Hollywood

I had done a lot of photography in high school. It was a great training ground for understanding lenses, light, exposure and framing.  As I became more focused on my writing and directing career, I put photography aside.  Then in 1993 I decided to start taking photographs once again as a creative outlet that would not require an entire crew.  It would just be me, my camera and a subject. 

I decided to photograph people.  I had the idea of perhaps one day collecting these photos into a book or collection that would show a unique cross section of young people in the entertainment business. 

Some people I’ve photographed are life-long friends, others are people I met and worked with for a day perhaps and never saw again.  Some people have grown to great heights in our business and others have moved onto other dreams.  Some people here have passed on.

I thank each and every one of these wonderful people for indulging me and sharing a moment, which is now forever a photograph.

Here are just a few of the people I have photographed.