Gabe Torres grew up in Aurora, New York, a small village on Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York.

    He got started making films at age twelve when he discovered an old eight-millimeter
camera in a neighbor's closet.  Soon he was cranking out numerous super eight films.  Movies had become his passion and Aurora his back lot.  In the course of the next six years family and friends became actors, the village bank was robbed, a garage was set ablaze, toy ships were sunk in the lake and monsters roamed the streets of Aurora.  All this was in the name of filmmaking.

    While in high school, Torres' film A SHORT DISTANCE, won first prize from the Photographic Society Of America in their teen film division.  The prize winning- film was a visual allegory that followed a runner during the course of his morning training in the upstate New York countryside.

    The scholarship that accompanied the award was put to use the next year when Torres graduated from high school and was accepted into the film program at USC in Los Angeles.

    While at USC Torres nurtured his writing and directing skills, winning the Edward G. Small Scholarships, both in the field of directing in his junior year and then in the field of writing his senior year for his screenplay NOTHING UP MY SLEEVE.

    Also during his senior year, Torres' short film, WHEN DRAGONS WERE REAL took second place at the World Con Science Fiction Film Festival and screened as part of a film series at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles.

    Upon graduation, Torres secured backing and began his most ambitious project to date, THE LEGEND OF FIREFLY MARSH.  Written and directed by Torres, the film was a monumental undertaking for the small crew working on a shoestring budget.  The half hour short is the story of a boy and his grandfather who try to save a prehistoric beast from being trapped forever in an upstate New York lake.

    Live action was completed back in Torres' hometown of Aurora.  Miniatures were shot in Los Angeles over the course of the next year. When completed, Torres was able to garner attention for the film at festivals and it was distributed in the educational market by Phoenix Films. It also aired as a Young People's Special on NBC and had a long life on the Disney Channel.

    Torres' feature film debut as writer and director came with the powerful, humanistic, drama, DECEMBER.   The bright ensemble cast featured Balthazar Getty, Brian Krause, Jason London, Wil Wheaton and Chris Young.

    The film takes place over the course of one night at Green Mountain Academy, a New England prep school.   On the evening after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, five teenagers test the bounds of their friendship as they confront their feelings about war and decide whether or not to enlist.  The film was distributed by Columbia Tristar and opened in December of 1991 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  December was also chosen as closing night film of the Hawaii International film festival and was shown in Honolulu on Dec. 7, 1991.

    Torres has written and directed for television as well.  He began his television writing career on CBS's THE WIZARD produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television and has also written for the MCA Television series SHE-WOLF OF LONDON, the serialized, LET IT ROCK for The Disney Channel and created his own children's series, NOTHING UP MY SLEEVE for Netter Digital Entertainment. 

    Torres has had a busy television directing career, having directed hundreds episodes and segments on network and cable television, including the hit ABC series LAND OF THE LOST, FOX Network's fantasy series BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS and MYSTIC KNIGHTS, as well as, A.R.K. - ANIMAL RESCUE KIDS for the Discovery Channel.

   After a run of children’s television, Torres returned to feature film directing with the stark, independent drama, BARTENDER.  The film was shot on a small budget and played the festival circuit to good reviews and secured distribution overseas and on home video

    Torres has also ventured into the world of documentary television, directing for such shows as UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, ARREST & TRIAL, COURAGE, BEYOND CHANCE and SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH, MURDER BY THE BOOK and POWER, Privilege and JUSTICE   Also adding to his resume, Torres directed music video, ERIN THE SKY for rising talent Marcel.

    A passion project for Torres was the acclaimed short film, LAST STAND, which he wrote directed and co-produced.  The film chronicles an unlikely friendship of a twelve-year-old Lakota boy and a cavalry soldier in the aftermath of the battle of the Little Big Horn.

Gabe  Torres
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